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Genevieve Jodhan the first female CEO of Angostura

Genevieve Jodhan the first female CEO of Angostura

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Corporate, MPT 2017 Issue 1 | 4 comments

Eleven years ago, Genevieve Jodhan was a successful consultant, respected by her peers, at the top of her game. And she decided to reinvent herself. She closed her business, packed her bags, gathered her family and headed for Bedfordshire in England. Her destination was Cranfield University, and her goal was to excel.

Cranfield is Europe’s top school for logistics and supply chain management, and its graduates are in high demand all over the world. It’s also a largely male environment. “I read for my Msc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management,” says Jodhan, “and I would say of the 44 students, more than 80 per cent were male… engineers mostly. This is not a female field! At 41 I was also the oldest woman in the cohort.”

She graduated with top honours, winning the prize for most outstanding student.

Jodhan was offered her choice of jobs in the UK but she has a deep-seated belief in Trinidad and Tobago, and she wanted to come home. “I had a very specific idea of what I wanted to do,” she says, “and I decided that Angostura was the right fit. So I approached them with consulting in mind. But they saw it differently—they insisted that they wanted me on board full time.”

Since then, she’s worked at all levels of the company, most recently at the helm of international sales and marketing. A decade later and once again, Jodhan is at the top of her game: the first female chief executive officer of angostura in the company’s nearly 200-year history.

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Gary Jordan Photography ©2016
Gary Jordan Photography ©2016


  1. Elizabeth P.

    Congratulations ! You are the Plum.
    Thanks i f possible read ” The Ambition Collision ”
    By Lisa Miller

    Forwarded to me by Andrea E. Schoeller
    San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

  2. Denise Heywood

    Knew you would one day be the difference. Giant step for all the women out there, you can do it too. Congratulations Genevieve.

  3. Natalie Defreitas

    Congratulations to you. God Bless you in everything you aspire..

  4. Suzanne Weekes

    Congratulations Genevieve, something to be very proud of.


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