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Luxury vinyl, bamboo and cork never looked so good

Luxury vinyl, bamboo and cork never looked so good

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Corporate, MPT 2017 Issue 2 | 0 comments

With more than a few years of practical business and production supply experience to his credit, Farley Ferreira, director of Concept Floors n Finishes, launched his flooring supply and consultancy business in 2009.

Today, the company has grown exponentially to offer products from Cali Bamboo, Polyflor, Kronopol, Euro Seating, and Rephouse. Ferreira also happens to be the sole regional distributor for these brands.

Each brand provides high-quality flooring products to suit both commercial and residential spaces. Ferreira has also been highly educated on each product, and is therefore well versed on the lifespan and possibilities of each product.

Speaking freely, Ferreira said, “I want to offer clients quality material, not necessarily cheap material. The warranties on my products span ten to fifteen years rather than just five. I do offer a competitive price even considering the longevity.”

The price difference to other similar products on the market, Ferreira’s expertise, his customer-care approach, and superior flooring items—these are the factors that set his business apart.

Sharing on his customer-care model, Ferreira said, “I want my customers happy. If something is wrong, I fix it with no issues. My suppliers understand this too, and they have been committed to maintaining their quality as well. We work well together and the relationships have grown over the years.”

Speaking more about the differences between each flooring type – luxury vinyl tiles, cork and bamboo flooring–Ferreira’s passion for his business became even more apparent.

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