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A taste of T&T cocoa

A taste of T&T cocoa

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Food & Beverage, MPT 2017 Issue 4 | 0 comments

Trinidad and Tobago has some of the best cocoa flavours in the world, as proven by the International Cocoa of Excellence 2017 Awards, which ranked two samples from Trinidad and Tobago among the best bean samples globally. I am amongst many eager patrons at the 2017 International Chocolate Day Event at the Santa Cruz Green Market celebrating this great news on T&T’s indigenous fine flavoured cocoa.

Luckily, we get to actually experience the products of this cocoa through brands such as Cocobel and Brasso Seco, on the spot. “Cocoa is so versatile. You can do anything with cocoa,” says, Rheanna Chen, the host of the event, as she proceeds to announce the locations of the charming chocolate booths, the crowds already rushing to taste different chocolate and cocoa products.

I am part of a crew of samplers called the Sista Samplers, a group of three women (Nikki, Candy and I) who travel throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean tasting indigenous foods. We taste, we sip and we sample, and then we reveal our culinary discoveries to the world through our blog, Sista Samplers.

At the International Chocolate Day, we feel like Parisian gourmet food critics as we dive straight into 70 per cent dark chocolate (made with 70 per cent of cocoa beans). Bittersweet findings, as our tastebuds surely testify: the dark chocolate is bitter at first and then sweet towards the end, leaving a lasting impression.

But the truffles… the tempting truffles are infused with ginger, citrus, coconuts and anything else you can think of, fresh from the flavourful garden. This wide assortment of cocoa delicacies is served by: Cocobel Chocolates, an establishment in West Trinidad with a longstanding reputation for producing the best artisanal chocolates in the islands

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